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Box Profile Roofing Sheets

Box profile roofing sheets are becoming increasingly popular with agricultural buildings. They provide a modern alternative to the corrugated metal sheets that were traditionally used, giving a great finish as well as being durable.

Their popularity is not limited to those involved in agriculture however, with box profile roofing sheets being used in a range of commercial and domestic buildings. This is in part, down to their versatility and usefulness not only in constructing new roofs, but also for applying as cladding over an existing roof, wall or ceiling. The result is a strong structure that looks great, with a choice of finishes and colours your box profile roofing sheets can match any colour scheme. As well as the look and strength the speed in which box profile roofing sheets can be installed is what makes them so appealing to many. Even though the install time is a lot less than some other roofing options the finish is great and they stand the test of time, if installed by a professional roofer they may only ever need to be changed if damaged.

Key Features of Our Box Profile Roofing Sheets

  • Lightweight construction
  • Can be manufactured to long and non-standard lengths
  • Strong
  • Available in a range of colours and finishes – tailored to your requirements as much as possible.
  • Straightforward to install with the use of simple tools
  • Long lasting, many years when cleaned and maintained well
  • Independently tested to current CE EN 14782 requirements

Box profile roofing sheets are manufactured in two different thickness gauges, the appropriateness of which will depending on the individual project you require it for. The two thickness's available are 0.5mm and 0.7mm. Both these thickness's are suitable for use on both domestic and commercial properties. To further structurally strengthen the roofing sheets, two extra ribs are rolled into the valleys of the metal roof sheets.

There are a huge range of box profile roofing sheets available, with different finishes and colours to suit your project. The profile 32/1000 is a British standard profile, providing effective 1m coverage width when fitted.

As box profile roofing sheets are manufactured from flat coated or coil steel, which is then processed through a roll forming machine. The sheets gain strength as they go through this machine as it creates their profile. We have a great choice for you to choose from and have a fantastic selection of lengths to suit any project up to 7.5m. This extensive range of available lengths reduces the need for joining sheets down the run of the roof.

Some of the finishes available with box profile roofing sheets includes plain galvanised, polyester paint, plastic coated. A plastic coated finish is the most robust finish available and is best choice for projects where lifespan of materials is a high priority. The plastic coating should be good for 15-25 years, potentially longer. Our box profile roofing sheets come in two finishes (Polyester and PVC plastisol coated) and a wide variety of colours. Some of the colours include; juniper green, olive green, slate blue and grey, goose wing grey, black, terracotta, van dyke brown.

Polyester paint was developed for the demands faced within the agricultural sector. This provides a cheaper alternative to plastic coating for your box profile roofing sheets and is still a long lasting solution.