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Corrugated Roofing Sheets

Our traditional corrugated roofing sheets have been an almost iconic symbol on the British agricultural landscape for many years. Proving as popular today as ever they have been, this is because they are still top performers for the job. In certain areas of conservation, corrugated steel cladding is the only permissible material in the interests of maintaining the traditional look.

The corrugation process is what provides rigidity and strength to the material being used. Using corrugated roofing sheets, larger spaces can be spanned, this is because flat sheets would be unable to support their own weight and result in sagging between beams.

Some of the materials used for manufacturing our corrugated roofing sheets include:

  • PVC Corrugated roofing sheets
  • Onduline bitumen corrugated sheets
  • Onduvilla tiles
  • Galvanised corrugated steel roofing and hoarding sheets
  • Plastic coated steel roofing and cladding sheets
  • GRP fibre glass corrugated sheet
  • GRP fibre glass corrugated roof lights

Our range of galvanised corrugated roofing sheets are available in three gauges: 0.4mm, 0.5mm and 0.7mm. The space between the corrugations measures 3” from the peak of one to the peak of the next. Corrugated roofing sheets are generally cut to stock sizes following manufacture, however can be manufactured to customers precise requirements. The standard coverage provided by one sheet is 990mm when lapped and fitted. The wide range of colours we stock means that no matter the colour scheme of your project we will have the perfect option, our colours include: juniper green, olive green, slate blue and grey, goose wing grey, black, terracotta, van dyke brown.

Galvanised steel corrugated roofing sheets, offer ideal protection for outbuildings, stables, barns, field shelters, feed stores, cattle sheds, garages, workshops and any other outdoor storage areas. Another bonus of the corrugated roofing sheets is that it directs rain water away from the building. The sheets can be used in a variety of ways depending on the intended use of the building, not only in an agricultural setting but also commercial and domestic.

Sheets can be fitted as brand new roofing sheets, but in the traditional manner, they can save on labour by being fitted as over cladding on an existing roof. You could also choose to use corrugated roofing sheets to build up a double-skin, creating an insulated space.

The benefits of using corrugated roofing sheets include:

  • Most robust profile
  • Lightweight
  • Extremely weather proof - they are capable of withstanding hail, heat, snow, storms, gales
  • Easy to install- meaning there is less cost because the time taken to fit is less
  • Cost effective - with the great price point and durability they give our customers great value for money
  • In keeping with traditional landscape
  • Versatile – domestic, commercial, industrial buildings all use corrugated sheets
  • Durable - the lifespan of these sheets is what makes them popular with a lot of people
  • Affordable - this means even if you are working to a tight budget we will have something for you in our range

If you are looking for a strong, yet lightweight roofing system, then corrugated roofing sheets are the ideal solution. If you would like more information on our products get in touch with us now on 01675 462 692 and our team will gladly discuss your needs and offer a free quote.