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Screws (Bags of 100)

Timber 25mm, Timber 32mm (Standard for Box Profile and Tile Effect sheets), Timber 45mm (Standard for Corrugated Sheets), Timber 65mm, Timber 75mm, Timber 80mm, Timber 95mm, Timber 105mm, Timber 120mm, Timber 125mm, Light Steel 25mm, Light Steel 32mm (Standard for Box Profile and Tile Effect sheets), Light Steel 38mm, Light Steel 46mm (Standard for Corrugated Sheets), Light Steel 57mm, Light Steel 75mm, Light Steel 85mm, Light Steel 115mm, Light Steel 135mm, Light Steel 150mm, Heavy Steel 38mm, Heavy Steel 55mm, Heavy Steel 75mm, Heavy Steel 85mm, Heavy Steel 105mm, Heavy Steel 125mm, Heavy Steel 150mm, Stitcher Fixing 22mm (for Flashings & Overlapping), Euro Six (Big Six) 105mm Fibrecement Sheet Fixings for Light Section Steel (Z Purlins), Euro Six (Big Six) 130mm Fibrecement Sheet Fixings for Timber Batons