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Tile Effect Roofing Sheets

Utilising tile effect roofing sheets can provide a great roofing solution for any building. Formed from galvanised steel sheets, using similar manufacturing techniques to those employed in box profile roofing sheets, but are stepped, creating the overall appearance of a tiled roof. These tile effect sheets provide the ultimate easy to fit alternative to roofing slates or tiles for any building.

As more and more people, both tradesmen and customers alike, have encountered tile effect roofing sheets in the course of their roofing projects, the benefits of this roofing solution have become apparent to many. The facts speak for themselves, as these roofing sheets have become one of the most popular products in recent years.

Tile effect roofing sheets hold many advantages over other types of roofing which you might be considering, for example, traditional slates.

These include the following benefits:

  • Lightweight roofing, yet incredibly strong
  • Easy to install from left to right across the building
  • Cost effective roofing solution compared to traditional tiles
  • Effective means of creating traditional roof appearance whilst utilising the superior functionality of modern coated steel.
  • Once installed, the surface of tile effect roofing sheets require virtually no maintenance
  • Looks striking on new builds, and equally it can blend with the older property to create an elegant roof, whilst maintaining the integrity of the feel and time of the surrounding areas
  • Solid, attractive roof
  • Long-lasting roofing solution
  • Fire resistant
  • Manufactured to your own individual roofing requirements
  • Available in many colour and finishes
  • Clean modern look
  • Anti-condensation membrane can be added during manufacture to help reduce potential condensation problems.

Tile effect roofing sheets have been developed to save time and money in the roofing process, whilst not compromising on quality. As a result of this they can be utilised on any number of building projects, delivering the very best roofing protection whilst not looking out of place from farm yard to gated community. There has been a definite shift towards this type of roofing in recent years, with tile effect roofing sheets growing increasingly popular for: Agricultural buildings; summer houses; log cabins; domestic premises re-roof, new build homes; hot tub shelters; barns and outhouses; workshops; reception buildings; garages; sheds and stables: To name but a few!

As tile effect roofing sheets are so lightweight yet incredibly strong, they are ideal for using for over-roofing, or flat to pitch conversions. They can be fitted to create a brand new roof, or if required, you can use these sheets just as well to over-clad an existing roof, thus reducing the labour costs incurred. In short, these roofing sheets are extremely versatile, performing well whether they are the main roofing material used as single skin sheeting & cladding; creating an over clad of an existing roof; or playing its part in the collaborative structure of a built up, insulated roofing system.

With a standard coverage of 1m once lapped and fitted, and the bespoke lengths manufactured, it is easy to see the appeal that tile effect roofing sheets hold for many. Even some of the traditionalists out there can see the sense and financial validity of replacing damaged roofing with this extremely fast and cost effective way of progressing the project.